Title Closing and Production Software Search - Hud 1 - Archiving
Title Closing and Production Software Search - Hud 1 - Archiving
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Title closing and production management is a SNAP with SnapClose Pro. Easy to use intelligent workflows take the pain out of searches, closings, settlements and HUD 1 generation. Improve profits and customer satisfaction.

Complete Title Insurance Software

SnapClose provides a most comprehensive title insurance software, providing a rich set of features for closing, settlements and RESPA compliant HUD 1 generation. The software brings together title agents, lenders, real estate attorneys, title insurance providers and vendors seamlessly sharing all aspects of title transactions via a rich work flow enabled application. Cornerstone Management Solutions is dedicated to providing technology-based solutions aimed at streamlining the real estate transaction, facilitating communication among participants and increasing the productivity and profitability of all.

With SnapClose® Pro, title agents communicate seamlessly with others, such as search vendors, real estate attorneys, mortgage lenders and government recording agencies. All the products within the SnapClose family increase customer satisfaction and decrease data entry effort and errors, turn-around times and the effort in creating, distributing and storing documents. SnapClose Lawyers and SnapVendor add to that functionality.

SnapClose customers are committed to being in the forefront technologically and operationally. Cornerstone Management Solutions is dedicated to providing the software and services to help them maintain that important position. Our customers do business in thirty-six states with a strong focus in the mid-Atlantic, New England and Florida areas.




According to a press release published by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) on October 10, requests for mortgage originations or refinances fell during the week of October 5.

The data from the organization’s Weekly Mortgage Applications Survey suggests a slackening in home loan demand from consumers. The MBA’s Market Composite Index, on a non-seasonally adjusted basis, slipped one percent compared to the last week of September.

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With increasing competition, many companies understand that one of the most effective ways to gain a competitive advantage is to adopt new technology. Historically, the real estate industry has lagged far behind others in adopting technology to improve productivity, efficiencies and profits. However, a growing number of companies now realize that the SnapClose Family of Software Products from Cornerstone Management Solutions offers advantages previously unavailable.

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